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PostSubject: Forum?Help?   Sat Mar 06, 2010 4:37 am

What is forum?Most if u know ti register,but if anyone want to now more....
On forum you can chat,share videos,minds and lots more with other "virtual" friends!

How to set signature?Go to your profile which is up just belove our forum description...than simply click on signature and just put you picture link there and it will show after your posts...before you do that you must upload your picture(signature) somewhere...you can do it on www.tinypic.com ...then you must go to profile again and go to "Preferences" and active signature there...so you just click on "yes" which is for question "Always allowed signature"...

Avatar?Setting an avatar is very similar to signature.Go to profile then click "Avatar" then just upload an picture from your computer which you want to be for avatar.For avatar you don't need to upload from Tinypic.

Admin?Admin is one who is main of forum.There is main admin who created Forum(like me for example)and he must be respected if admin is not respected you will be removed or banned from forum like on any forum,ordinary admin is here to watch what other users do on forum,to ban them(if he need),maybe create design(but,most i will do that)...Very Happy

Mod?Mod is form Moderator.Moderator is here also to watch forum,to see if users are out from topic,to lock topics and delete them.

Ordinary admin and mod are helpers...id Main admin,don't need them,he can do all of this job by himself.

If there is anything else you can ask here,or make topic in this help part... Pleassse Pleassse Pleassse
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